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How many people are truly excited to attend a corporate meeting?

Unfortunately, as informative as these meetings may be, they can be rather dull. Thankfully, these meetings and events can be spiced up a bit to keep the attention of the attendees and ensure they get so much more out of them.

One way to take shake things up and change the vibe of a meeting or event is with food. Yes, food can make a huge difference!

Whether an event is simply an average Monday morning meeting with a small team or a weekend-long, company-wide event, a corporate event catering company in Atlanta can help take them to the next level.

3 Options Which Will Impress Corporate Event Attendees

Here are three ways event coordinators can improve the vibe of their next event.

1. Add Some Fun into the Mix with Cocktail Hour

Sometimes, long meetings are necessary. In fact, many corporate events are days long, with meetings running up to dinner time and beyond.

It’s always a good idea to break up the monotony and give attendees a bit of a break, and there’s no better way to do this than with cocktail hour.

A happy hour or cocktail hour gives everyone the chance to loosen up and let go of the stress of the day. When can these be held? It’s up to the event planner – they can be held at the same time each day of the event, or it can be used as a fun way to end the event on the last day.

Options can include:

2. Start the Day off Right with a Delectable Breakfast Meeting

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, many people in the corporate world rush through their breakfast or skip it altogether. This doesn’t bode well when they have to sit through an early morning meeting.

Eating breakfast provides the energy needed to stay alert during meetings. Therefore, breakfast meetings are a great way for event coordinators to ensure their guests get the fuel they need while taking in all the essential information presented at the meeting.

Options can include:

  • House blend coffee and tea service
  • Seasonal fruit skewer
  • Fresh baked rising muffins
  • Coconut and granola yogurt parfait
  • Spinach and cheese strata
  • Applewood smoked bacon and spinach feta chicken sausage

3. Take Regular Breaks and Make Sure Delicious Food Is Always Available

Regular breaks are absolutely necessary to stay healthy and focused. During a regular day, it’s usually easy to get in some stretching time, but it can be harder during meeting times. In many cases meeting planners have only one scheduled break: lunch. This makes for an exceptionally long day.

To keep attendees focused and to help prevent stiff muscles and fatigue, breaks are a must. It’s essential to plan with people’s blood sugar levels in mind. Having food available during these breaks can prevent blood sugar crashes which can lead to exhaustion and headaches.

Some tasty snack options include:

  • Petite cheese wood boards
  • Popcorn cluster bags
  • Warm house baked cookies
  • Housemade trail mix
  • Melon agua frescas

Provide Attendees with a Visual Smorgasbord of Tasty Treats

The information provided at a meeting or corporate event is vital for the overall success of the company, as well as the careers of individual attendees.

To ensure people get the most out of these events, planners need to find ways to keep the meetings interesting. They can do this by enticing the senses of those in attendance. Offering a beautiful visual display – especially when it comes to food – can spark creativity, interest, and appreciation.

Add to this some delectable, top-quality catered dishes and the event is sure to be a hit!

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