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A film crew can range from a handful of people to thousands of people.

In order to keep the cast and crew happy and able to focus on their tasks at hand, they need to stay hydrated and well-fed.

What does it take to accomplish this? We’ll look at three important aspects of film catering in Atlanta which will keep any crew at the top of their game.

Feeding the Film Crew: 3 Ways to Ensure a Happier, Healthier Crew

To ensure everyone stays on par with the demands of a film, there are multiple steps we can take. However, one of the most important is providing the crew with delicious meals. Here are three ways to keep a film crew satisfied, happy, and energized throughout the day.

1. Keep the Crew Well-Nourished

It’s often easier to eat healthier meals at home than it is on the job. Why is this? One reason is everyone is usually in a rush. They want food which is fast and easy. Typically, this type of food isn’t always the most nutritious.

Another reason is there’s always some special occasion happening – a birthday, anniversary, etc. All of these seem to require some sort of celebration, which usually means delectable goodies which are loaded with calories and fat.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging from time to time, to do so on a daily basis can start to mess with the crew’s health. Extra fat and sugar will make them feel sluggish and even irritable.

What can we do to keep our crews energized and happy? We can feed them foods which are healthy and delicious. Try recipe alternatives which utilize healthier ingredients and limit the number of desserts, sugary drinks, and fried food available.

2. Make the Crew Feel Valued by Providing High-Quality Dishes

A vital thing to remember is providing the crew with great food shows just how much you care for and value them.

Oftentimes, it’s the main stars of the film which get all of the attention. However, those behind the scenes put just as much time (if not more so) into the movie as the cast.

To show appreciation for their hard work and the time they devote to helping make a movie into an amazing work of art, it’s important to present them with high-quality food.

When a crew sees they have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and something other than packaged snacks, they’ll be truly grateful for it. This gratitude will move them to give their all to the project, working hard to ensure everyone can be proud of the final result.

3. The Craft Services Table Should Be Nutritious yet Delicious

Typically, craft services are foods which people can eat as snacks, smaller meals throughout the day, or dessert after their main meal.

It is easy to over-indulge, oftentimes unknowingly, on grab-and-go foods. The result: sluggishness and chronic hunger due to not getting enough healthy nutrients.

The best thing to do for craft services is to choose foods which are tasty, satisfying, and healthy.

High-Quality, Delicious Foods Provide a Higher Return on Investment

Feeding a crew healthy foods on a budget can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. It’s easier when working with a catering company which understands the needs of the crew and has a history of using high-quality, nutritious ingredients.

The money spent on these foods will be totally worth it, too. The team will not only feel more appreciated, they will have more energy throughout the day. This also will make them more productive and efficient. Plus, they’ll feel better physically, stay satiated longer, and feel happier.

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